Key features of Bizcompass

Why choose Bizcompass?

Lead Management
Lead Management
Leads are the lifeblood of your company. Without them, revenue eventually dries up and you have to shut off the lights. Bizcompass allows a business to determine the best customers to follow up with based upon demographic and psychographic factors. Like lead scoring, it improves the efficiency and productivity of your sales team by helping them focus on the right leads at the right time.
Revised FollowUp System
Revised Follow Up System
Know exact customer requirement by revised follow up system. It’s time to break the habit of squeezing customer follow-up in between busy schedule, Get next follow up notifications on Mobile app, email.

Task Management
Assign Daily,Weekly, Monthly task to employee. Auto Generate tasks. Get task notification on mobile apps
Auto Mail & SMS
Communication dominates every type of business. A communication gap with the customers or clients leads to errors, delay in work progress, and missed deadlines. Automated emails & sms will be sent to customers on every stage of lead management.
Quotation & Proforma Invoice
Create GST/Non-GST quotation & proforma invoices from lead data & send pdf fle to the customer.
Reporting & Analytics
Bizcompass offers comprehensive reporting that lets you quickly access interactive data and gain deep insight into your business. Graphical representation of leads, sales and customer service information enables management to get a clear picture of what’s happening across the organization.
Customer’s feedback is important to provide better service. Bizcompass will provide an easy platform to get customer reviews.
Support ticket
Bizcompass is about managing your relationships with your customers. Simple system for tracking, prioritizing, and solving customer support tickets.